Welcome to the Allan's Place network.

As you can see, the homepage is under reconstruction. It may be cleared up soon.  In the mean time, ...

My blog, the Ongoing Letter, is online. Go to og.allansplace.ca to have a look.

ESL students and teachers can log in with their URL code.  Please remember your original ID & PW.  Need help?  Contact me.

My Engineering Design & Drafting Technology resume & portfolio are online at allansplace.net.

Mom's health blog is online at annettethompson.ca or flannt.ca.

 Father's memorial is online at lesjohnston.ca.

The Parkbridge Estates web parkbridge.org is online.  Not a lot going on there just yet.  Ask me.

P.S. I'm manually coding HTML here, so if things look goofy it's because this is a quick way of getting the content up.  Something nice and splashy will eventually come.