ongoing letter
for February 2012


happy birthday
Here's a story that might make you cringe.


more than a little good
Costco is pretty close to here.

growing up
Chip is growing up.  Now he's got a girlfriend.

I can relate
Yah, I've been there.  And I have pictures to prove it.

I can't relate
No danger of that ever happening.

it's snowing again
More snow being dumped on us. 
snow again end of Feb 2012 001.avi


The Jeep's odo.


fan death
An interesting article on "fan death", a superstition in South Korea.  Unbelievable that educated people living in an advanced country - or anyone, for that matter - could believe this. 
Some People Believe Running an Electric Fan in a Closed Room Can Kill You…

oh - now I understand
Asparagus.  Now I understand.  I've never had this kind of symptom before. 
Urine Odor Symptoms  Just the same, I'll buy some cranberry juice tomorrow and drink more water.

congratulations, Irma!
During a meeting today at F, Irma came in with two other people from CJOC radio.  She won ... get this ... $10,000!!!  For real!  The winnings came in ten $1000 gift certificates from various stores in the city.


St John Ambulance
Today everybody at F takes a first-aide course with Saint John Ambulance.  No classes, just learning about first-aide.

new books
Floyd gave me some books.  Not sure where he got them from.  They're entitled Ancient China, Asia, and Insects.

Not entirely sure what to do with them now.

chest pain, back pain
Mom thought she'd have to go to the hospital last night due to back pain.  She complained about a sore back just before bed - lasted maybe a half hour.  But then the real pain started.  It went from 11:15PM to 12:15AM.  "Worst I've ever had in my whole life," she says this morning.  "I'll take the chest pain any day."


slow start
It's cold and rainy today.  All last week I was under the weather, and this week doesn't seem to be much different.  I'm hoping my deficiency of energy won't continue much longer.  I went to a naturalist pharmacy (herbal) yesterday afternoon after work to get some cough syrup and something to help the digestive system along.  We'll see if it works.  The cough syrup is from China.  The other?  Not sure.  But I know where it's going - down the gullet.  Gotta get a grip on this cold.  So now I'm at Quiznos having a sub sandwich, a bowl of broccoli cheese soup, and an iced tea.  Should be a hot tea, I guess.  But I have already had enough coffee to resurrect a dead horse.

over one week of treatment
Mom has had more than one week of treatment so far.  As I told Glenn last night on the phone, the idea of the doctors changing Mom's treatment from 2 weeks to 5 and upping the dosage of radiation sounds to me like they are hopeful of the treatment working.  If it knocks the cancer back and prevents it from growing and / or spreading, then great.  We'll see how things go after.

one month to go
There's only a little over a month of work left at F.  Then, who knows if they'll renew the contract.  The director seems a little sceptical of my efforts.  I'm giving it my all though.  We'll see.

outgoing letters
I wrote to a couple people - Mary, Andrew - and will write to a few more soon.  Just no energy or time.


for sale
M&F's old house is for sale, of course.  Here it is.


the daily green  It's a consumer guide from Good Housekeeping for people going green.  Anybody have an opinion?


sci-fi from yore
We watched the 3-hour intro movie for Battlestar Galactica (
Battlestar Galactica - Part 1.avi and Battlestar Galactica - Part 2.avi) last night.  During one of the intermissions when Mom was making popcorn, Floyd told me about a sci-fi he'd watched as a kid about people from a dying planet that had come to Earth to take over.  I did a bit of research and found...

... and the show he was thinking of called The Invaders.  Watch the intro on You Tube.

dream ... trapped
I had another "trapped" dream.  I was playing some sport on a gravel field with some other guys.  The ball we were using kept going where it shouldn't.  The net was ripped.  I got some material together to tie it back up, but someone came by and told me it wouldn't hold.  They took some plastic sandwich wrap to tie it together with and cut my knot with a utility knife.  I gave up and walked away.  Glenn was there.  He shooed me into the shed (the same one as where I grew up) and locked the door then ran to the rest of the family who were walking downhill toward the house.  I yelled out a small hole in a broken window, "Mom!  Mom!!!"  Nothing.  They kept walking.  My window of opportunity was shrinking as they walked away.  I picked up a stone to throw at the window, but it did not brake.  It only made three tiny holes through which my voice could escape.  No one heard me.  They disappeared out of sight.

early coffee
So here I sit at 5:30AM, having being awake for more than an hour, sipping on the day's first coffee.  I guess it'll be snooze time sometime during the day.

cold virus
I'm getting over a cold.  I called in sick Friday, first time ever at F.  The assistant director just told me to get some rest over the weekend.  Yah, I would if I didn't have these stupid anxiety dreams dredging up the past.  I think I'll head out to McDonald's for some McBreakfast.


it's a plastic world
Finally a little good news.  Have a look at this article from Good News Network.

Earth - Science

mushrooms -by Jorg-Hempel, CC licenseThe Amazon is home to more species than almost anywhere else on earth. One of them, carried home recently by a group from Yale University, appears to be quite happy eating plastic in airless landfills.

The fungus, new to science, has a voracious appetite for a global waste nightmare: polyurethane.

Their findings regarding the species estalotiopsis microspora were published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology late last year.

(READ the story in FastCoexist)

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easy listening
Also, for your listening pleasure,


cold snap
It's now -6.  Not quite a cold 'snap' but cold enough.  I guess we've been spoiled with unusually warm weather lately.

We went to the Movie Mill a bit ago to watch Hugo.  I thought the 3D glasses were ultra-cool.

more: 3D glasses at Movie Mill 001.jpg - 3D glasses at Movie Mill 002.jpg - 3D glasses at Movie Mill 003.jpg


Good-bye Irene
Irene Thompson, Al's wife, is gone.  She'd been in a coma from Dec. 21, 2011 until 5:55 this morning.  They took life support away some time ago because there seemed to be no hope after her stroke.  Yes, she was cancer-free after the surgery, but the stroke took its toll.  Al might come down here for a visit sometime after the funeral.

Medicine Hat for lunch
Mom said to me yesterday, "There's a place in Medicine Hat that has a 'smorg' lunch."  (A 'smorg' [or Smörgåsbord] is Swedish for a buffet.)  So I looked online and found Medicine Hat Buffet.  After a very short sleep (I couldn't sleep until past 3:30AM, so I watched the pilot for Caprica) and was woken by Floyd cutting up carrots for the rabbits outside.  Okay, so I'll get up.  After my coffee and a quick shower, we all got into the Jeep and drove off to Medicine Hat for lunch.  (map)


morning skyline
Another beautiful morning in the city.


Hi again.  It's a brand new month.  And to bring in the month, I thought I'd show you pictures of the RV show we went to at Exhibition Park on Saturday.  I only took a few pictures because there was so much to see.  Click the picture to get a list of other pictures.


Click here for last month.