ongoing letter
for May 2012

May 27, 2012

garage sale
Everyone in the neighborhood had a garage sale yesterday.  Instead of selling a whole lot, I bought an electric car buffer, some LPs, 2 camping cots, an air conditioner, and 41 National Geographic magazines.  Happy happy joy joy!  More later.


May 25, 2012

grating on the nerves
Okay, I get the women with bare legs and bosoms popping out, but it sure is grating to listen to.

Then again, there's art. or  Which one do you like more?

not gone postal
I found a postcard Glenn forgot to mail to his friend in my car.  I guess he forgot to get himself to the post office.


May 24, 2012

Funny - I thought of using the bright stage of front turn signals long ago, back when I had my Chevy Malibu.  Now reading about it in Wikipedia, I see they thought of this, too!  Spooky.  Great minds think alike!

Glenn's Jeep (I almost wrote, "My Jeep"...) uses high-beam filament type daytime running lights.  The Kia uses LEDs.


May 23, 2012

I washed my car a couple days ago because, for some reason, birds use my car as target practise.

But it wasn't washed to make it nice and shiny - it was washed so the bird crap wouldn't strip the paint off the car.  Pretty nasty stuff, bird droppings!

1334508 bird droppings on Kia Soul 001.jpg
1196976 bird droppings on Kia Soul 002.jpg
1528477 bird droppings on Kia Soul 003.jpg
1555351 bird droppings on Kia Soul 004.jpg
bird droppings on Kia Soul 005.jpg

in the shop
The red Toshiba was in the shop, so to speak.  Well it actually was, but they couldn't fix it because they had no access to parts.  So I took it home and got on the horn to a few companies that might have international parts.  As it turns out, CCSI sells Toshiba parts, and I got one delivered to me for about $27.  Not bad compared to paying a technician $400 to repair a laptop I could get brand new now for $700.  But now the touchpad doesn't work, and I think it's the ribbon cables that are responsible.  Being unplugged and plugged in over and over isn't good for the tiny wires of a laptop.

1401168 fixing red Toshiba laptop (allan13) 001.jpg
1377327 fixing red Toshiba laptop (allan13) 002.jpg
1380501 fixing red Toshiba laptop (allan13) 003.jpg
1340843 fixing red Toshiba laptop (allan13) 004.jpg
fixing red Toshiba laptop (allan13) 005.jpg

the end of the road
So Glenn is back in BC, and I Alberta.  We drove from Lethbridge to 100 Mile House, then a small town called Forest Grove, and then through the bush for another 45 minutes to Brenda and Jerry's house.  Glenn's friends were quite welcoming and offered us some supper, but it seems Glenn was too tired to eat (his leg and back were really sore by then), so he just sat down in a chair (same kind of chair I have, BTW) and relaxed.  After a few beers, it was time for bed.  I slept in the Jeep since it was too smoky in the house.

the scare
The next morning, I was up at 5:00AM with only 4 hours of sleep.  I stretched my legs, took some pictures, and waited for everyone else to get up.  Then it was coffee time.  I brought my own coffee mix and ground coffee to pump up the volume of their perk coffee.  Glenn, however, started turning white and then yellow and couldn't see straight.  He drank a little too much (just a little?) the night before, so he seriously needed food.  It was a "maybe we should go to the hospital" kind of scare.  He rested on a foamy again and tried to position himself so that his back and leg wouldn't drive him crazy.  We stuffed him and all our stuff back into the Jeep and took off toward town where we had a couple breakfasts each from A&W.  And we were off.

the last leg
So we drove from Brenda & Jerry's cabin to Abbotsford without a hitch except that we had to stop a few times along the way go smoke (no, not me), stretch our legs (yes, the both of us - my right leg had almost had enough of this driving thing), and look at a van for sale (just me).  I was afraid I wouldn't make my WestJet flight from Abbotsford to Calgary, but by the time we got there at 3:20PM my flight for 5:00PM was easily catchable.  We shook hands, Glenn thanked me for the Jeep again, and we parted.  "Now that I'm not in the Jeep, are you going to smoke in here?"  "Uhhh ... probably..."

more later


May 17, 2012

compare if you dare
Been looking at some vehicles.


May 16, 2012

Glenn's visit
So Glenn has been here for a few days now.  I picked him up in Calgary at the airport.  It was about a 3 hour drive.

He came through the gate, and before getting his bag he wanted to go out for a smoke.  I said, "I'll get your bag for you."  "Okay, bro.  Mine's the black one."  Well, turns out about 70% of them are black!

We found the car (the Kia Soul) and talked about it for a bit then headed out of town.  On the way back to Lethbridge, we stopped 4 ... maybe 5 times.  Glenn had to stretch his legs and back and have a smoke.  About a quarter way along we got some cold suds and hot hamburgers from A&W.

We finally got home about 10:30PM.  Mom was probably sitting in my black chair, watching out the front room window, waiting for us.  She came out right away and greeted us.  Floyd was waiting for us inside.

We talked for a bit but then decided to get to bed.  And then talked some more.  And more.  Then it was really time for bed.

On Sunday morning we went out for breakfast at Smitty's.  Surprisingly, Glenn had a full breakfast.  He says he never actually eats breakfast.  He says he never really eats breakfast - or lunch or dinner, either.

On the way out we saw an old Meteor in the parking lot.

But it was another vehicle that he was taken back by.  I'd arranged that I would give him the Jeep Liberty before he came.  Since I wasn't getting many bites on selling it, and since his leg and back has been messed up all this time, I thought it would be a good idea for him to get rid of his old pickup truck and get something nice and cushy instead.

I wanted to get the Jeep ready for us to go out for breakfast at Smitty's, but the battery was dead!  It hadn't been driven for a few weeks.  But when I went there to take the battery out to exchange it for a new one, I saw the charging cable had popped off.  No wonder!  I got a wrench and stuck it back on.  Glenn'll have to fix it with a longer cable sometime.  I borrowed Al's (a neighbour's) battery charger and waited until later that day.

Finally, it was ready.  I rolled it out for everyone to see.  (Sorry there are so many pictures.  Just got excited.)

Glenn's reaction was, "Wow!"  He said, "It's the kind of thing where you think, 'Is this real?'"  Our hope is that his back and leg won't be so painful in this Jeep.  (Mom got a little tired near the end.)


May 12, 2012

at the airport
Waiting for my bro at Calgary airport now.


May 9, 2012

Been watching a few movies online these days.

  • Used to watch it all the time - has the largest database of movies on the net.  Plus, you can download them.  But they're mostly old stuff.

  • Also good.  Has good apps for TVs & smartphones.  More recent movies there.

Can't rent movies from Blockbuster or Rogers anymore.  Not sure why.


May 8, 2012

flannt updates
There are some updates to the flannt web.  Please have a look.

new contract
They've signed me on to another one-year contract at F.  I'm hoping it'll work out well.  I've had enough meeting with people to prepare me.

a thing of the future
Driverless cars - a thing of the future?  Yes, the near future for sure.  It's about time, really.  300,000km without an accident.  Pretty good.  I don't know of any people who can say the same.


out and about on a bike
I finally got out with my bike today.  I went to Henderson Park and rode around the lake.  Then I went down to the river bottom, to Whoop-Up Park (I think that's the official name of it) to bump around on the trails.  Next time I'll take more pictures and maybe a video or two.

Canadian Tire sells bike carriers that mount in trailer hitch receivers.  I bought one for the Kia Soul.  It can carry two bikes.  I was considering something that carries 4 (or perhaps 3), but the ones that Canadian Tire sells with the bottom tire holder only have room for two bikes.  Why would I consider 3 or 4 bikes?  To carry the bike trailer, too.  It's a little wider than a bike.  Also, you never know - I might want to go in a group someday.

Not sure if I'll keep it or get the 4-bike carrier from Get Hitched.

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