ongoing letter
for June 2012


wood rot
Floyd and I were talking about the sticky doors in the add-on room of the house (so-called "sun room", even though it's basically a storage room).  I suggested we should raise up the room since it's slumped into the earth.  We went out to tear the aluminum and wood skirting around the outside of it to expose the beams.  A bit later, we were digging holds for gravel and cement to build new pilings.  That was yesterday.

videos: rotten floor wood in add-on room 006.wmv, rotten floor wood in add-on room 007.wmv 

But then today I tore open the skirting in the end of the room we hadn't looked at before.  Drat.  Four floor joists were rotten.  Nothing was actually holding up the floor.  This is the part of the room the fridge and freezer were in.  I tore out a bunch of rotten wood...

...and went and told Mom & Floyd the news.

a little gospel  Have a listen.  Alison.


amazing video
I thought this was cool enough to pass on to you.


no DNS, no help, no idea, no server
The Allan's Place web has been down for a long time again - not quite two years but long enough.  It all started with a router failure.  I bought a 220VAC converter for various things, including my large monitor bought in Korea.  I tried to connect the Linksys router I bought in Korea long ago so I could use a wireless range expander.  Zap!  It quit.  I tried the NetGear router, but it had a different MAC address.  So I had to phone Telus, my ISP, to tell them about it.  From there it snowballed.  My domain name DSN records were messed up because of getting different IP addresses.  My ISP said I had to go to my domain name registrar and tell them my new DNS settings.  "My what?" I thought.  They didn't know and told me to use Telus's DNS addresses.  So I got the DNS settings from my router (newly working again) and updated my Canadian Domain DNS servers with Telus's IP addresses for their domain servers.  Wrong.  Not supposed to do that.  So many things happened after that, it's hard to remember them all. Another router went toast.  It wouldn't connect to the internet.  I thought it was Telus's fault.  I ordered Shaw cable internet.  Nothing worked with them either.  They diagnosed that my router was shot.  Garbage can.  Then, the next day, I accidentally dropped the last wireless router, a Korean one that worked quite well but doesn't like to be dropped.  Fried.  Two more wireless G routers; hours on the phone explaining, listening, re-explaining, and arguing; hours on the internet researching it all.  I think to myself that my domain particulars are at fault and that I don't know how to fix them.  I buy a second domain name.  (No, I'm not telling you what it is just yet.  Only new students know it right now.)  No, the new domain name has the same issue - just ain't working.  In the mean time, I thought it was my server's fault.  I shut it down and repair the old server, the one with the RAID5 disc array in it.  It's too noisy and impossible to run in my office.  So I wipe the new server (the second one that Brian S. picked up for me a few years ago) and reinstall it.  All is running well, but it's late.  I forget to make two partitions - one small for the OS, one large for data storage.  I wipe the disc again.  I wipe my forehead again.  I start Windows 2003 Server again.  All is well.  But then IIS goes down on my server.  I uninstall it and reinstall it.  Now no Exchange mail server.  No Application Pools.  It only took me 2.5 hours to figure that one out and how to fix it.  Then OWA wasn't working.  And so on, and so on, and so on.  Now ... it seems it is all working.  I ask the Creator for a little break - that nothing cocks up again.  I'm considering giving up my server completely and permanently ... except that I have three new students.  How can I teach all my students now without the server?  Impossible.


no DNS
Well, my website has been offline for about a week now.  Why?  Since I changed some equipment here in my office, Telus (my ISP) hasn't bothered to change their reverse DNS settings.  So that means that my website is online at but not at  Of course, none of you will be able to read this because you can't possibly know my IP address, right?  Crap.

Mom's birthday
Yesterday was my Mom's birthday.  When I'd left for work that morning, things weren't so good.  She'd complained about chest pains.  When I got home, a barrage of news - good news - came my way!  There were 4 phone calls saying "happy birthday", 12 red roses from a family member were delivered, the house was paid for in full, I was offered another job (more perhaps on that later), Floyd got a white birthday cake, and I won the card game!  Ha!  (I didn't say it was good for everyone.)

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