ongoing letter
for August 2012

August 29, 2012

Freaky.  It's important to follow the instructions and only look at the 'plus' sign in the middle.  (Or cheat a little and not.)

August 24, 2012

People have been telling me I haven't been writing here very much.  I agree.  I'll try to start doing so more.

The camper trailer (caravan) is slowly coming along.  I had to cut down the wooden floor supports by 1.5 inches at the front and back so the original aluminum skin could stretch over it, making the interior 1.5 inches narrower.  I've also had to eliminate the rounded front and back bottom corners.  They'll be straightened out, I guess, because the angle is just too much to make happen and still maintain structural integrity.  More on that later.  And, to answer everyone's question, I haven't a clue if it'll be done for next spring.  I'm hoping!  And trying.

Mom is doing well so far, much better than before, although her memory isn't so good these days.  When reminded, she remembers most things but not all.  This evening we all (Mom, Floyd, & I) went to Whoop-Up Days, a fair with amusement rides and a rodeo and parade and all kinds of things.  This evening there was a rodeo, and we mingled through all the grounds looking at the foods, rides, things for sale, and such.  Lotta fun.  Mom held her own.  She did not want to miss the bull riding.

My stomach issue is not going away yet.  It seems to be worsening slightly.  Add to that a recent bladder infection.

I start more hours at work in September.  For now, it's only 20 hours a week.  They're starting the second program soon.  I'll be assisting in that as I did last year.  According to the office our funding comes from, we're the only academy offering this programme, and so we were the only one chosen to run it again.

Have a look at a really cool motorbike.

It's tired, and I'm late.  I mean, I'm tired, and it's late.  Good night.

August 18, 2012

we met on a plane
I caught wind of this on CBC Radio 1.  Have a look at it!  Ingenious idea.

August 16, 2012

demolition dream
I had a dream last night that I was in a kind of school - high school, maybe - in a different town and was practising how to use explosives.  We went from one class where the teacher wasn't present and people were kind of doing their own thing to another where we were apparently supposed to tie together various sizes of paper-wrapped explosive sticks.  One guy let off 4 or 5 tied together in the hallway and, we found later, scorched the ceiling.  Another teacher walking by was curious how he was going to paint the ceiling white again.  We went outside and practised putting explosives under mattresses (yes, for sleeping) to minimize noise and damage.  Imagine - explosives school.

Before that, I was living in a marsh and had to wade through 4 or 5 feet (more than a metre) of water dirtied with debris of various kinds - sticks, plant life, plastics, garbage of every kind.  It was seriously gross.  Navigating through that was a scary venture for me.  Hence, it was my dream.  Or nightmare.

August 11, 2012

new shed
New things just keep coming and coming.  Mom bought a shed for the back.  It's a Keter Summit shed; 8x9 feet (255x288cm); plastic, brown, beige, & taupe; and comes with 3 doors.  Floyd and I built a base (I started it, he finished it) last week.

Today Floyd and I will start putting it all together.  I wonder if there's an instruction manual with it.  In reading the reviews online on my phone while standing there in Home Depot, I read in someone's comments that it would have been nice if it came with one.  Then again, you can download it if need be.

two new webs
I haven't been loyal to my two new webs on the allansplace web.  One is, and the other is  (No, there are no 'w's in these addresses.)  No time.  If I have something to report, it means I was busy ... busy actually doing it ... and have no time to write about it all.  If I have time to write about it, I'm not busy and hence have nothing to write about.  Maybe I'll write a bit on one of them now.

August 10, 2012

new car
Surprise!  Mom & Floyd bought a new vehicle!  I knew they would eventually, but I never thought it'd be so soon, and I never thought it would be an SUV.  Least of all, I never thought they'd buy a

Yes, they bought a 2012 Hyundai Veracruz!  When they got home, they said, "You'll never guessed what we bought."  "Ribs?"  Yes, but that wasn't a surprise.  "A new car?"  "...Yup," Mom said.

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