ongoing letter
for January 2012

September 19, 2012

hella bad day 2
private entry

September 17, 2012

hella bad day
private entry

September 13, 2012

lost entry
I had an entry here a couple days ago, and for some reason it has disappeared.  Bad things happen.

new house
A heart warming story.  Have a look.  Good things happen.

birthday dinner out
Mom, Floyd, and I went out to Tony Roma's for another birthday dinner last night.  Nice.  And leftovers for lunch today along with some mashed potatoes.  Oh, and another gift card from Totem.  Nice again.  And a chocolate cake!  Nice again!  So that means two dinners out (the other at Buffet Medicine Hat) and two gift cards (the other from Canadian Tire).  But one cake.  Good thing.

September 9, 2012 7:40AM

There was a grassfire yesterday near the city that stared in the native reserve close by.  There was a huge smoke cloud just north of downtown yesterday after work (3PM).

40193501 grass firevsmoke and wind near Lethbridge 002.mp4
54974422 grass firevsmoke and wind near Lethbridge 002.wmv

Grass fire near Lethbridge forces thousands from homes - Calgary Herald‎ - 8 hours ago

Grass fire in southern Alberta brought under control -‎ - 8 hours ago

Residents concerned after Lethbridge grassfire - CTV News‎ - 38 minutes ago

September 4, 2012

Rev. Moon
The Rev. Moon is gone.  A sad day for Korea and the World.

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