ongoing letter
for October 2012

October 8, 2012

raining again
Isn't that a Beetles tune?  Anyway, I wanted to paint another coat on the trailer's floor today, but it's raining and a little cool.

But there are other things to do, too, like wiring and insulation.  And we could also take a run out to Brian & Barb's to see some RV equipment.  Brian says he's got a bunch of stuff from other RVs, trailers, etc. that might work for me in mine.  M&F seem to think all his stuff might be too old and heavy for my little Sprite.  They could be right.  Not sure, but we might take a drive out there today, make a day trip out of it, to have a visit with them and see the stuff.  Like, I don't want to buy new everything.  A stove would be okay used, I think.  Maybe not a furnace or water tank or stuff like that that has to be efficient.  But a sink?  Why would I want new?  So I'd like to go.

October 7, 2012

Thanks Giving dinner
We're having a turkey dinner today.  Getting read now.

October 1, 2012

hopes and dreams
I had a dream last night (now 7:41AM).  Les (my father) visited me and wanted to repair things.  It's funny - he's good at repairing machinery but breaking relationships.  What's more, he's careful not to break machinery but not so when it comes to relationships.  In that dream, Angela also was making plans but an air ticket but couldn't seem to get home in time.  By home, yes, I mean Canada.  She was busy doing it "her way" as usual and missed out on the main event.  Can't recall what it was in the dream.

taking shape
The Sprite is taking shape.  It now has a floor!  See 2012-10-01 for more.

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