ongoing letter
for October 2014
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October 18, 2014

M and I are supposed to go hiking tomorrow around Waterton.  We'd posed a plan a few times to head out but haven't yet.  Like Ernie and me going to Crow's Nest, and camping with Maria, Mauricio, & family, it often takes one person to make actual plans.

I also wanted to take the van out on its first actual remote overnight excursion - also known as camp.  However, there are still two cables dragging on the ground that I have to deal with.  One is the reverse camera video feed, the other a 14-2 cable for 110VAC in the dashboard.  They're both half hanging from the underside.  I have no idea how to string the video wire.  There seems to be no route for it.  Maybe it'll have to go inside.

October 15, 2014

The last student in the program has gotten work.  (Not exactly the last, but the last expected to find work.  That only leaves two who kind of petered out.  One has too many health issues, and the other's family is working enough.

I gave my extra Samsung surround-sound to Margaret.  It works well except that the remote is in Korean.  Now she has an Italian printer, a Korean sound system, and ... something else ... maybe French because of her sister.


Margaret did not seem so jovial this evening.  I wonder why.  Another social faux pas on my behalf, perhaps.  There are certain situations when I cannot find the norm, the expected protocol to follow.  I end up blending Asian-style with Western-style and fowling the whole thing up.
Or Margaret is thinking about something totally separate from me, and I take things to heart too much.

October 13, 2014

Ten days since my last entry.
Seven days since I've been incapacitated by being sick.
Three hours since working on my van, putting in the audio / video system.
An hour since talking with my brother, Glenn, about his move.
Minus a day or two since (or before?) he and Laura move to Kelowna, BC.
Four hours since I saw daylight here.  Winter's coming.
About three minutes since a bit of fall-out from having a cold - digestive tract issues.  (TMI?)
More than four and a half years since my life came to an abrupt end.
A long time since hearing from Cindy.
A few weeks since hearing from Father.

A long, long time since I've been actually happy.
But tomorrow's another day.

October 3, 2014

I think I'm almost done being sick.
Margaret from work didn't come in yesterday.  She had an appointment someplace, but she was also sick, so I took over class, the same as Wed. evening.  She showed up, planned the class, then went home at 7PM.  Same sickness as mine?
Some students were sick, too.  But one student who has been coughing non-stop has been found out.  She smokes.  I saw 'A' on the way back from a work experience stint while I was driving back from taking my own clients out.  She was puffing away on a cigarette in a big cloud of smoke.  She quickly extinguished it after seeing all of us in the car.

Mom isn't doing so well lately, ever since the operation.  She's been coughing a lot, and this wears her out.  She is eating more than right after the surgery but still doesn't eat much.  They were going to go to Tim Horton's for a doughnut while I was working on the van yesterday evening but called later to say that she had no energy.  <sigh>
I asked Jihye (Erin) if she could track down and send me a tub of a particular brand of cough medicine.  She found it and has sent it.  Thank you, Jihye!  You're a good friend.  It'll take 16 days to get here.  I hope it passes through customs alright.