December 20, 2007

I got an email from one of them almost a year ago saying I was a good teacher.  This from Sonny's mom in January 2007.

From: 에스텔 []
Sent: Thursday January 11, 2007 7:06 PM
To: Allan
Subject: [RE]
Hello,  this is  Sonny's mom.
I'm very glad to receive  your mail.
I always wondered how  the class is.
The video you made is very helpful to me.
After  I saw the video I realized 'You are an excellent tutor !!!!'.
Sonny likes you and "Allansplace " .
When  the class  finished she always said
" The class is very fun,  I want to go to the Allansplace  again".
I wish  Sonny    is getting better step by step.
I want to write more but  I can't  because I am not able to say (or write)
english very well you know...
Thank you very  much for your teaching ...
Have a good evening!!

So what happened between then and now?  Have a become a crappy teacher now?

December 6, 2007

We went shopping at Lotte Mart this evening - or tried to.  When we were standing there with the cart and looking at the lost leaders in the ads, and she told me she didn't want to shop with me but would go sit in the car and wait for me.  Then the shut-down-mode happened.  After driving home, she didn't bother coming inside the apartment but, rather, disappeared for an hour.  I later learn she was about to check into a hotel room but found it expensive.  <sigh>  What the hell is going on here?  It's a nice day, did lots of work - had time to fix my computers (or most of them), got caught up on things, did laundry, washed some bedding that went stinky in the closet, did two dishwasher loads of dishes that were piling up in the kitchen, organized Tina's closet, folded laundry, ... all in all a pretty productive day.  Tina got paid lots of money from students today, went to a doctor for her eye and had it cured in about 2 minutes, ... What?  What???  What could be considered wrong?  Shut up already!  "Oh, the eggs are burned.  I'll go to a hotel tonight.  Oh, your shirt is the wrong colour.  I'll divorce you.  Oh, your hair is too short - you're completely ugly."  Give me a fucking break.  Why not at least act like a normal human being?