January 26, 2009

Jenny4 and Tina2 quit.  I am really annoyed at this since I heard this from Sunyoung the evening of their last class.  They called Sunyoung before class and told her they were quitting.  Yet, after class, as I was telling them about future homework plans and some problems in their class, they just smiled and listened and never mentioned quitting.  Weird.  What's more, they quit in the middle of term.  Why?  Whatever rumours are floating around about me, I'll tell you now - I have been teaching in Korea for ten years now.  I am qualified, trusted, and respected.  I expect all students' parents to listen to my reputation I have worked my ass off to obtain rather than unfounded rumours.  I expect it.  Anything less than this is disrespectful and unfair.  Have I got everyone's attention now?  Good.