Just on my way home from a blind date set up by Eunjin and co-supervised by Sunyoung.  Wow.  I was really uncomfortable at first.  We went out for Japanese / Korean “fusion” food (a hybrid of the two) and sat around looking at each other.  But what Eunjin and Sunyoung said was quite true – that two groups of three (Eunjin, Sunyoung and I; and she, Eunjin, and Sunyoung) – so there had to be a cure for that.   That was, Miss Kim and I going off someplace.  So we parted, and they left us alone.

Wow.  I can’t remember when I had felt so uncomfortable in recent years.  (Maybe once or twice.)  We walked, and I suggested she and I go to a tea room.  So we did.  She showed me some pictures of her cakes she makes.  She’s a baker by trade.  So this gave me the idea of showing her my sister’s wears she makes at Betty’s.  She was quite amazed at the pictures I showed her – or she showed great interest, at any rate.

After this, we walked around some more.  I phoned Eunjin as I thought we would meet up again, but nobody said anything, so we wandered around Insa-dong some more.  We looked in shops, and she showed interest in some earrings, so I bought them for her.  They weren’t costly – only 12,000 won (about $10 or ₤6).  But they really looked pretty on her.  Actually, you could hang a barbed-wire fence on her, and it’d look pretty, I think.

She’s 36 years old, and her name is … well that’s stupid.  I forgot.  More on that later.  As I said, she’s a baker.  She runs (I think) a Paris Croissant in Seoul.  She’ll be free again in 6 days, and she asked if we could meet again.

How?  She doesn’t speak much English, and I don’t speak much Korean.  We basically tried our best to communicate.  I haven’t spoke so much Korean in years!  Not that I spoke much, mind you.

My computer battery is about to die.  More later.