December 3, 2009

Poly School

One thing I'm not altogether sure of regarding Poly School students' parents is their motives.  Do they want me only to provide a service to increase their Poly grades?  Are they not interested in actual English?  They're only, it seems, interested in on-upping their competition and, in the process, stealing their children's childhoods from them by making them study like robots.  There will come a time when people will look back at this age in history and ask themselves, "Was it worth pushing and forcing my kids to study just so that my family will look good?"  Then again, maybe they will never be wise enough to pose this question.

I just wonder why a small child has to get up in the morning, go to public school, go to Poly, go to another private tutor, go home to do homework, and fall asleep.  Is that all their lives are meant to be?  Look at history.  Children have always had a hard life.  Child labour has only been abolished recently in many countries.  Children have only just started to play and have an enjoyable, safe, meaningful life interacting socially with their peers.  Now we have stuffed them into schools 14 hours a day and told told them it's fun.

Parents have become selfish.  They believe they own their children, tools to acquire success in their family.  Just because children are under their direction, they take it as a right to push them beyond normal educational standards.  Everyone is trying to be first.  No one wants to be average.  <sigh>  How about letting them be children?  Don't you care about them anymore?  You're not brave.  If you, parents, were brave, you'd stand up for your kids' rights to be normal children and not tread them like child labourers.


December 1, 2009

I went to the doctor about a ... well, a ... a problem.  It seems I have a somewhat similar problem as my father did.  The doctor seems to think it's not cancerous (암).  I'll go for more tests soon.  More on that later.

And on that theme, how come the economy is completely dependent on "growth"?  Eventually it's gotta end its so-called growth and ... grow up.  No?  Become enough-is-enough?  Oh, the humanity.  "We're in a decline," people say.  "The economy is shrinking," people say.  Well what did you expect?  It cannot grow continually without stopping.