January 9, 2010

a black mark
Yes, my BlackBerry was taken.  After a morning class with a student, I searched for my phone so I could go to Youngsan to pick up my MacBook from the repair shop.  The phone was nowhere to be seen.  I turned my house upside down.  Stressed, I finally admitted the only logical deduction - that my student, on her first class with me, took it.  I cancelled service on it and prayed it be returned to me.  After asking her daughters repeatedly, they finally came clean.  An hour later, their mom called me, her voice hanging presumably as low as her head.  The next day I had a meeting with the two girls in question (as it was a case of teamwork) and sternly lectured them on the idea that everyone knew they were thieves and liars.  Their mom was visibly ashamed when she came later that day to pay tuition and offer me a gift.  Well, kids have to learn.  If not the easy way, then the hard way will do, too.

a medical issue
The issue with my testicle inflammation hasn't totally gone away yet.  In fact, it's more of an issue than ever now.  I don't particularly want to go back to the doctor again since they couldn't really cure it the first, second, third, or fourth time.  <sigh>  The fourth time I went, the doctor just gave me more of the same antibiotics he gave me the third time and sent me on my way without a follow-up appointment.  Is that normal?  I guess he was confident of his little white pills.